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Welcome to our legal translation services for businesses, SMEs and investors!

Based on our experience with legal translations, we can safely state that business partners generally trust each other and get along…until the day they don’t.

Let’s be honest – legal agreements can be tedious to read, and viewing documents in a foreign language can be doubly fatiguing. Are you an investor working on an international project? We say: don’t get caught out by not reading legal agreements in full due to struggling with the details. Read on to see how well-translated Shareholder’s Agreements and legal documents can protect you on a legal level, and help you avoid brain fatigue!

A straightforward way to defend your rights is to establish clear rules governing business projects, in advance of any nasty bumps along the road. Documents such as Shareholders’ Agreements cover a range of topics from voting at meetings, to dividends, disputes and beyond.

A project may have multiple shareholders, some of whom are based abroad and speak a second language or more. Many businesses do attempt to protect themselves by signing up to written agreements, then fail to have the documents translated at the right point in time. Typically, some of the shareholders will speak several languages, at least at a ‘business’ level. This can lead to the parties being overly comfortable and not bothering to translate documents prior to signature, or at the start of the project.

Unfortunately, some projects don’t run smoothly – legal translation is a big market which tells you something – and several issues can arise:

  • shareholders become cognisant of the fact that they don’t understand every word of an agreement or its impact,
  • local lawyers will expect to read documents in their local language
  • arriving at the door of a translation company in a rush can significantly increase the price
  • translating anything in a rush is never the best option when it comes to quality

Nobody can force you to read your legal agreements, but you can help yourself by getting them translated into your own language. It makes them easier to read and digest, no matter what your language level is. Good translators can shine a light on tricky technical words. Well-translated documents (that you fully read!) can make an invaluable contribution towards providing you and your business with legal protection.

We are basing our thoughts on the requests that we often receive. If you are a business or an investor working across borders, it always makes good sense to have your legal documents accurately translated. It helps to shield you from financial, legal and time-related pitfalls.

Key takeaways to consider:

✔️ The accurate and specialised translation of legal documents
✔️ Getting documents translated at the right point in time
✔️ Translation & Secretarial Services specialises in the translation of contracts, incorporation documents,
Articles of Association, Shareholders’ Agreements, Minutes of Meetings and Board papers.

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T&S offers translation packages for SMEs launching or strengthening themselves on international markets including the translation of: contracts, incorporation documents, day-to-day documents for operations, correspondence, governance & compliance, HR, policies, marketing and beyond.  We offer a variety of language combinations while specialising in French-English translations. Please use the contact form below to ask for help with your desired topic and language combination.

PS: We never offer legal advice, only good translations and translation-related thoughts.

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