Certified Translation & Secretarial Services

Helping businesses, institutions and individuals achieve their goals using professional translation and language support

Virtual Secretarial Services for businesses and institutions

We provide secretarial support to help with your professional admin tasks. Our services are particularly useful for SMEs.

Do you need to communicate with business partners? It is vital to communicate clearly in order to appear professional and avoid potentially costly misunderstandings.

We can help by making phone calls on your behalf in either English, French or other languages.

Are you fed up of struggling with paperwork? Then let us create work templates to simplify your business dealings! We can set up templates, designed for your specific tasks, in English or multiple languages.

Independent Minute-Taking Service: do you need an impartial and professional minute-taker for a board or committee meeting? We have great experience in this field! We can create standardised templates for your minutes and reports, enabling you to create long-term consistency.

We provide free consultations to help you to define your needs and to offer handy solutions. Call today on +44 (0)7954 693 561 or use the form below. Please just ask about any additional services.

Alternatively, would you like help with a pesky personal task? Just call today to find out if we can help!

Julie Barber, Manager of Translation & Secretarial Services. We provide Virtual Secretarial Services in Cheshire, Manchester, Liverpool, London and beyond!

Do you lack key business documentation in any language?


We can use our secretarial skills to produce templates in English and other languages. Don’t waste time going round in circles – establish clear templates now and save time, effort and money.


Book a free 30 call using the contact form below to discover how we can help to launch or strengthen your international business operations by using a framework of templates and translations.


Don’t forget – we work for businesses, institutions and individuals!

Rates and Additional Information


All projects are individually priced. This is because each project has unique requirements: language combination, subject matter, complexity, formatting, and the need for certification etc. Analysing each document and producing individual quotes allows us to set fair rates for clients and ourselves, and to offer potential ways to reduce costs.

All quotes are free and non-binding.

Additional Information

In order to offer you a free quote that is tailored to your project, you will need to provide the documents to be translated. This helps us to clearly define the work required and to offer you the best translation options and rates. We do not need original copies of documents. You can simply email documents to us in any format, including photographs. We always respect your privacy and pledge to never share your documents without your permission. As we believe that sensitivity is equally important, we do not make remarks on the content of your documents.

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