Case study – practical French language support in Cheshire and beyond

Case study: a British family own a second home in France, and needed to report a break-in to the French police but lacked the language skills to make a direct call.
Goal: to assist the client to report a crime, secure the family home and access insurance.
My role: I was able to put the client in contact with the police, establish the situation and helped to provide a way forward.

I reviewed the background details and emails provided by the client. I then called the French police, while the client family were listening on a second telephone line. This way, we able to establish the status of the report and answer police and client questions in real time. This saved time and effort for both parties, making life easier. I offered flexible pricing: 1 hour minimum with the possibility of carrying forward unused minutes. It worked well, and I wish the family all the best going forward.