Case study: the value of proofreading – a high value request for funding

Case study: an end client made a 98 million euro application for funding
Goal: secure funding and provide treatment to people afflicted by, notably, TB and AIDS epidemics
My role: to act as an editor to assist the client to achieve this incredible aim.

I recently acted as the final editor on a large (55K word) aid agency request for funding. It had been translated from French to English. My role brought:

  • cohesion by overseeing the work of multiple translators; including terminology and
    acronyms that are specific to NGOs and the funders in question.
  • reassurance by checking the figures on a multi-million pound request.
  • precision by reviewing the meaning of the message conveyed, spelling mistakes,
    general blips
  • building upon the hard work of the authors and translators by adding the “finishing

Outcome: Ultimately, the point of my role was to help the end client (a country) receive 98 million funding, which in turn contributes towards supporting the lives of thousands afflicted by various epidemics, including TB and AIDS. The application is currently being reviewed by the funders.

Rationale: it is always tempting not to use a proofreader due to financial concerns. This second step in the translation process, will usually add an additional fee. But depending on the complexity of the work and the value of it (monetary, personal, new clients,helping to save lives), there are multiple rewards from taking up this option.

Do you have a large language project? What can a proofreader contribute towards your work?

I can help with straightforward English language text and French-English text that has been translated. Call me today to discuss your project: 00 44 (0)7954 693 561 or email


Julie Barber is a chartered translator, proof-reader, editor and language consultant who works from French to English and specialises in business, legal, certification, social sciences and general translation. She is qualified and chartered with the UK Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIOL) and was awarded the CIOL Diploma in Translation in 2001, specialising in Business, Social Science and General translation. Julie holds a separate certificate in Company Secretarial Skills & Share Registration Practice with the Chartered Institute of Secretaries & Administrators, relating to the field of Corporate Law and Business Administration. Her mission is to enhance your client communication and business processes by providing high-quality, bespoke French and English language services. You can follow her on Linkedin and Facebook.