Bilingual Corporate Governance in turbulent times – update your framework

Accurate and relevant translations of corporate, HR and legal documents are always important for international companies and corporations.


  • Maintaining a shared corporate culture across your geographical zones and sectors.
  • Convey a shared message and ethos in a manner that is appropriate to a specify country. Writing in Franglais and an overly French management style (often more hierarchical than UK management styles) will not engage your staff.
  • Corporate governance – ensure that your staff fully understand the implications of anti-bribery and  anti-corruption frameworks. If you don’t set out a clear framework, in clear and well translated documents, then staff will not have adequate guidelines to follow. In these turbulent times, corporate governance is more important than ever.


  • Use a professional translator who can demonstrate their credentials.
  • Use a professional translator who specialises in your field. I have extensive experience working in the corporate services department of a major French corporation. I am a chartered translator.
  • Engage an expert bilingual and bicultural translator to ensure that your message is accurate, relevant and on target.