Tips for those newly working at home during quarantine

I am a self-employed French-English translator and I always work from my home office. I find that it is vital to retain a sense of focus and structure.

HOW and WHY?

  • Set your alarm, get up at a regular time, wash, brush your hair and dress smart-casual at the very least. Why? It’s Monday and you are working! Retaining structure is good for work focus and creating a sense of working time. This structure allows for a notion of time slots – work, play, relaxing, house jobs, cooking. It helps to create focus AND break down the day for your frame of mind.
  • Be reactive and available to clients and colleagues.
  • Take the initiative to keep in touch with clients and colleagues.
  • Toddler on the loose: toddler downtime is the new working time – TV time, nap time and bedtimes – use some of these slots to relax and to work. Choose wisely: what can you do in their presence? What would be best done alone? Save phone calls if you can for when you are alone. This is particularly useful for single-parent families. Two-parent families can take turns.
  • Best flexible. Do what you can, when you can. All at once might not work.
  • Apply the above Mon-Fri, or all of your working days.
  • Keep in touch with family and friends using all forms of modern communications. It is very important, and more so now, to talk to others.