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Sometime ago, I worked on the translation of documents for a litigation case. The documents were a jumble of 4 languages. It was only a matter of time before something went wrong. High-quality business translations help to form the solid foundation of any enterprise working across borders. Unfortunately, some businesses fail to realise this before it is too late or simply miss out on the benefits of working with a good translator.

Certified translators can help your business to thrive and survive.

The benefits of using a certified translator:

  • Accuracy – understand what you are signing
  • Avoid costly mistakes
  • Boost your image and reach new international markets
  • Receive certified documents, accepted by institutions
  • Enjoy smooth business communications
  • Receive professionally formatted documents
  • Passport and visa applications accept upon first submission

Examples of documents to be translated:

  • Articles of Association
  • Incorporation documents
  • Shareholders’ agreements
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Document templates (invoices etc.)
  • General Conditions of Sale
  • Contracts
  • Project specifications and instructions
  • Websites and marketing materials

Phase One – Laying your foundations
Successful businesses have solid foundations: legal and contractual documents form the bedrock of any transaction. It is essential that these documents are accurately translated and available to all of the stakeholders. Specialised business translators provide you with expertly translated content. It is not sufficient for important information to be relayed in small extracts by a colleague with some language knowledge. Choose a certified translator who works in your field. This saves you time and money and helps to generate positive outcomes.

Phase Two – Operating
Secondly, correctly translated work instructions help to ensure that projects are smoothly executed. Nobody wants a troublesome project and translation is always cheaper than litigation! Not translating specifications prior to signature is a classic mistake that I have seen many times. Companies sign off high-value contracts in a foreign language and rely on the language skills of a few employees. Then, when disputes arise, companies realise that they were not fully aware of the project specifications.

Phase 3 – Marketing and income generation
Thirdly, high-quality marketing materials ensure that your business message is well conveyed. Stylish, accurate and localised marketing translations can truly help to boost your sales and income. Localisation is the process of ensuring that the translation is appropriate for the target audience. These days, most companies have a website. I have less trust towards companies that publish badly translated websites. It suggests that you are an amateur or that you don’t really care. High-quality translation is essential in order to present a good image.

Phase 4 – Long-term translation management
Going forward, achieving successful translation work is an ongoing process which involves:

Quality control
At Translation & Secretarial Services, we focus on quality control. Your important documents are translated, rechecked and proofread by a second professional translator. Poor quality control can introduce mistakes into the translation process. The mistakes can then be replicated over time or into further languages. Ultimately, your message will be diluted and lose its impact.

T&S Services and terminology management
Armed with experience and good software, I can help you to define your “house-style”. As a result, your documents will be consistent from one document to the next. Good terminology management is a key step for ongoing projects. Your choice of terminology can be stored and reused overtime. The specific meaning of your terminology can be accurately conveyed with each new document translated. Consequently, the translation process is perfected – saving you time and money and generating good outcomes.

These are non-exhaustive examples of how a certified translator can help your business to thrive and survive.

My French Business Translation Services:
• French <> English translation, proofreading and editing services
• English language proofreading
• Certified business translations
• Notarised business translations
• Let me take care of bilingual tasks and calls

Key takeaway:

  • Accurate and well-checked business translations enable organisations to attain legal protection and new business. This ultimately saves you time and money and generates positive outcomes.

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