Multilingual corporate documents

If you are working across borders it really pays to create and maintain well produced corporate documentation. This is particularly important for large groups, but it also applies to any enterprises working in a variety of countries. Whether you have staff at physical locations or you only work online, clear documentation provides a framework. You might require clear instructions, policies, forms, company culture and legal agreements. The potential list is endless!

Your potential context:
– Order forms and legal agreements for sole traders/small companies selling on foreign markets,
– Anybody interacting with foreign business associates,
– HR policies for medium-sized companies,
– Legal documents for enterprises who wish to reach international markets,
– Corporate culture presentations for large, international groups.

A brief insight
It is essential to produce clear and concise documents in your original language. Then, reproducing accurate and relevant text in a second and third language is equally paramount. Why? there is no point in creating watertight legal agreements or awesome presentations to then downgrade your work with poor translations. It doesn’t make sense. If weak translations are subsequently used as the basis of further translations into additional languages, it could prove costly in terms of time and money to pull the quality back into line. Professional translators can help to oversee the process and make recommendations to suit your needs. I also firmly believe in using proofreaders. Reviewers make additional checks and can potentially add to the quality and appeal of the text. Any document that will be distributed or published should be checked a much as possible. Always consider the value of your final document when making decisions: financial, personal, the impact on others or your business etc.

A few potential outcomes:
– Easy and correct communications,
– Good corporate governance,
– Extend your reach on new markets,
– Legal protection,
– Harmonious corporate culture,
– Phew what a relief! 🙂

Invest wisely as ever

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