Translation fees – what should you invest?

Certified French English translation
One of the best ways to determine how much you want to invest in translation is to consider the value of your text to you.

For example, a new client recently approached me to translate the legal content of documents for their website. The client aims to raise a billion euros through the sale of shares. Yes, a B-I-L-L-I-O-N! So, how much is their marketing worth? It’s clearly worth a billion euros and therefore it made sense for the client to approach professional translators who could demonstrate their work history. I provided previous examples of articles of association translated from French to English. Despite the exceptionally high value of the content to be translated, I gave the client a discount because it’s for a worthwhile cause. It’s not always about the money, quality should always be the priority for any translation client. In turn, I was happy to earn money and making a contribution to society.

Here are a few practical examples of the value of your text:

Certified translations – Passport application
– get it right the first time, application accepted and off you go on holiday!
– passport office rejects the application, delays and possible cancellations.

Shiny new website in English or French
– reach new customers and boost your income
– slightly dodgy translation, customers wonder if they can trust you.

Certificates for a job application
– accurate and well-presented translation, hopefully you will get the job
– badly translated and formatted certificates look unprofessional

Winning new business
– handsome business presentation in your customer’s language
– potential new customer put off by a poorly translated pitch.

Back to the initial question for you to consider – what is the value of your text for you?  If your translation has a professional, financial or personal value then entrust it to a certified translator. A professional will safeguard and potentially enhance the impact of your business and marketing communications. As a result, it always makes sense to invest in good quality, accurate and well-presented translations. In the long run, your initial investment saves time, money and effort.

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For Fun
It’s very important to translate safety posters correctly. I go to the Lake District where there are “frogs crossing the road” warnings. I saw this one for bull running in the STREET in the south of France. Google suggests “Beware Danger Taurine Manifestation”. OK, so the picture helps, but the true danger would not be correctly conveyed with an online translation. Consequently, an accurate translation in this case is worth not getting spiked in the backside or worse!


Julie Barber is a CIOL chartered translator and language consultant who works from French to English, specialising in business, legal, certification, and social sciences translations. Her mission is to enhance your client communication and business processes by providing high-quality, bespoke language services. Certified French < > English translator in Cheshire, London and worldwide. Other language combinations upon request.

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