Certified Translation of Death Certificates

Certified Translation Services for Death Certificates

Are you an individual dealing with the death of a loved one who died abroad? Or are you a professional services company that needs to verify the death of a client who died abroad?

In both cases, you will no doubt need a certified translation of the death certificate – which will create an English language version of the document.

Certified translations of death certificates enable families and companies to move forward with administrative matters – from dealing with doctors to property and inheritance.

Families or friends acting for the deceased can use the certified translation to prove the death of the person to doctors, banks, insurers, pension providers, and financial services companies.

On the other side, certified translations of death certificates allow professional services companies to perform checks and duly record the death. This can speed up work on the financial affairs of the deceased person.

Our certified translations are regularly accepted by authorities, doctors, solicitors, lawyers, financial services companies, insurers etc.

Accredited translators, who stamp the translation of the death certificate and provide a letter of certification, bring an additional layer of credibility to translated documents.

Translation & Secretarial Services works alongside highly experienced and accredited translators who can translate and certify death certificates for official purposes. This means that we can help families and friends to quickly deal with administrative burdens at a difficult time of their lives. The certification process provides companies and authorities with an extra layer of reassurance concerning the accuracy of the translation. Death certificates are important documents that should only be entrusted to professional translators – please see our Google reviews concerning accurate translations and good customer service.

Do you need to quickly receive a certified translation of a death certificate? Contact us today for quick and confidential services. We offer special rates for families and individuals.

All documents and death certificates remain strictly private and confidential. We never comment on the personal affairs of families and individuals.

          Certified translation of death certificates

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