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Pragmatic Translation Services for Businesses, Institutions and Investors

REFRAMING TRANSLATION – TRANSLATION SERVICES FOR BUSINESSES, INSTITUTIONS AND INVESTORS The Oxford Dictionary claims that translation is “the process of translating words or text from one language into another”. No one ever requested that service from us. Based on our experience, we say that translation is the process of helping companies, institutions and investors to….. Publish…

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Certified Translation of Death Certificates

Certified Translation Services for Death Certificates Are you an individual dealing with the death of a loved one who died abroad? Or are you a professional services company that needs to verify the death of a client who died abroad? In both cases, you will no doubt need a certified translation of the death certificate…

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Medical Translation Services for accidents or illness while abroad

Are you struggling to explain your healthcare needs because your medical notes are in a foreign language? Holidays are supposed to be a relaxing and fun time. Unfortunately, some of our clients fall ill or have accidents while on holiday or travelling abroad. Have you got yourself in a medical pickle because you can’t understand…

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Legal Translation Services for SMEs and Investors

Welcome to our legal translation services for businesses, SMEs and investors! Based on our experience with legal translations, we can safely state that business partners generally trust each other and get along…until the day they don’t. Let’s be honest – legal agreements can be tedious to read, and viewing documents in a foreign language can…

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Has your solicitor or another party asked you to provide translations of your financial paperwork?

Translating NUMBERS – is that even a thing?! Yes, most definitely – we regularly translate financial documents ranging from bank statements to inheritance tax forms. Clients often want to complete a property transaction and it is their solicitor who requests the translation of documents. Solicitors are required by law to perform Anti-Money Laundering (AML) checks.…

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Translation Services for Demonstrating Source of Funds

Has your solicitor/conveyancer asked you to prove your ‘source of funds’ in relation to a property transaction? ⚠️We are often contacted by clients who are upset that they need to pay a translator in order to demonstrate their money and where it came from! ⚠️ Buying a property is an expensive business, and nobody wants…

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